It is January and we only got our first substantial snowfall of the winter yesterday. I finally put the winter quilt on our bed in its honor, and Sparks got to put his big Christmas present to its inaugural use–snowblowing the driveway.

January has been a hard month. Mimi cut her first tooth the week before Christmas, then got what we thought could be chicken pox on Christmas eve, then got the nasty headcold Sparks and I were recovering from and spent two nights sleeping in her bouncy chair so her head could drain, and one strange day passively cuddling on my lap with a fever. Then she cut another tooth. Right now I think all of that mess is cleared up; she is drooling and has a rash on her chin, which is a teething prodrome, but if the first two are any indication we won’t be in real trouble until she gets a diaper rash and I can feel the tooth under the gum. So, phew.


Mimi got a lot of toys for Christmas. We don’t have an especially large house, so the onslaught scared me a little, but I’ve made peace with it now. My parents gave her this Fisher Price Noah’s ark (at my suggestion). A Noah’s Ark with animals is such a classic toy. Felicity from American Girl has a Noah’s Ark. Nellie Oleson from Little House on the Prairie had one. And now Mimi has one too. I love to line the animals up and sing “the ants go marching one by one, hurrah! hurrah!”. I spend a lot of my time making sure the set stays intact. There are twenty little animals plus Noah and his wife to corral.


Right before Christmas I made a rare trip to Aldi and discovered Moser Roth 85% chocolate, which is my favorite dark chocolate ever. It has a nice snap and a gorgeous buttery finish that have won me over completely. For $1.89 a package, I’m happy to be won.


Mimi is getting to be a master of the army crawl. She can scattle so quickly that I lose track of her, and have to walk around the house looking for her. Usually when I find her she is eating lint, dead bugs, and cat food. This from the baby who won’t eat most of the food I put on her tray at meal times… sigh. I think she learned it from Pudding. Anyway, we are babyproofing the house as she develops interest in new rooms. Right now she is a huge fan of our bedroom, which with its piles of clothes being sorted into special washing/to be donated/to be chucked is admittedly, right now, a very interesting place.


Mimi has always had a smallish head, and the baby sunglasses I bought around the time she was born were too big for her all summer. I recently bought this pair, triumphantly thinking I’d finally found a pair to fit her. They are too small. The original pair fit just right now. Sigh. Don’t you like the pink sneakers? I put shoes on her for Baby Story Time at the library, where the girl-moms competitively dress their babies (or so I’d like to think). The shoes stay on for about thirty seconds.


The centerpiece is the closest thing to a crafty endeavor that I have to show you, though you’ve seen it before and several months ago. Having a sick/teething baby in the house, and the sleep disruption that follows, has made crafting absolutely out of the question. I got through Christmas and its assorted chores only because I’d gotten started early, before things got rough. For what seems like forever now there has been precious little house cleaning or even cooking of dinners. Things are getting better now though… things always get better.


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