Four years of Pudding

Yesterday, December 30, was the fourth anniversary of Pudding coming home to her Forever Family. At that time it was just me, but seven months later it was also Sparks and a couple of years later it was Amelia too. Poor Pudding didn’t get her anniversary blogged about yesterday because Amelia has had her first feverish cold, and I was in a state of nervous collapse (having had the feverish cold myself). Having a sick nine month old while being sick myself was one of the toughest things I’ve ever done. It was harder than the days I spent at home alone with her soon after her birth via c-section, and that was really hard. Last night Sparks took the monitor to the guest room so I could have an uninterrupted night of sleep for the first time in two weeks (because the week before Christmas Amelia was cutting her first tooth, and wasn’t that fun). Amelia rewarded him by sleeping through the night without a peep. She’s on the mend.


Happy anniversary, dearest Pudding. You are a soft, adorable, purring, chirruping, patient, gentle, loving, and perpetually neglected pussycat. We love you lots. Extra treats for New Year’s tonight.


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