Knitting 2011

The year is coming to a close, and I find myself knitting quite a bit still. It’s a nice quiet sedentary occupation for Mimi’s naptimes.


The variegated socks you see were knit from a Zauberball Crazy, which is my new favorite sock yarn. Regular Zauberballs are one ply and that drives me crazy, but Crazys are two ply so they are just right.

The snowflake sock I started last winter. It’s knit of Shelridge Farms Soft Touch Ultra, with snowflakes in Jawoll. I am knitting its twin right now. This is a nice yarn because it’s a thick sock yarn… Only 56 stitches around my foot instead of the usual 64. It comes in lots of scrummy heathered colors too.

Mimi’s Weasley sweater is on hold. I got about four inches into it and could no longer deny that, in spite of calculations and having swatched, it was sized more for a toddler than a baby. So it has been put away and will be finished, or not, in a winter to come. Such is knitting.


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