This is what happens when you knit socks out of 100% merino wool sock yarn. This happened after only two seasons in rotation in my sock drawer. This is why I will never knit socks out of yarn without a nylon content, ever again.


Shall I name names? This is a sock knit out of Claudia Hand Painted. I have also, in the last year, had to throw away socks knit out of Blue Moon Fiber Arts lightweight and Knitpicks Sock Garden. These are all lovely yarns with exceptional dye jobs. I own many skeins of all of them. I may buy more in the future. But I will never, never, never knit another pair of socks from them.

I have never worn a hole in a sock with nylon content, and some of those I’ve been wearing for five winters now.

Choose your yarns wisely, everybody. I’d also advise against any alpaca content in any garment that will receive any wear friction or need to be washed, ever.

4 thoughts on “Serviceability

  1. That has happened to me if I walk around in my sock feet, but never if I just wear my socks in shoes. The only wear I’ve ever gotten was at the big toe, but that has stopped now that I buy shoes in a size — a half size bigger — where my toes don’t touch the fronts of my shoes.

  2. It must have a lot to do with a person’s gait, etc. I have never worn holes in the toes or heels, only the ball of the foot. And yeah, I do walk around in sock feet. That’s why I need thick wool socks 😉

  3. Oh that sucks! I think it really does depend on the person and all the variables in a sock (gauge, number of wearings, gait like you said, etc) I have mostly 100% wool socks and I have only a few that ended up with holes, even after years of wear! And yes, I do walk around in them on my wooden floors, but not try not to ever walk on carpet in them since carpet fiber is so much more rough than knitting yarn!

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