The tree is up!

I decorated the house this weekend!


Because the media room is baby-proofed and Amelia can’t escape over the two steps that go down into it, I decided not to put a tree there this year. So the big green tree has gone in the great room, and it looks wonderful! We can enjoy it from our fireplace nook and Amelia’s playpen is right next to it, which I hope makes her temporary confinements there a little more fun.


This year the base of the ornaments was a box of 36 oversized shatterproof ornaments in greens and golds. They look GREAT on the tree! So great that I think I’m ready to get rid of the old, smaller glass ornaments I had been using.

Next I added a dozen lacy sparkly ornaments in golds and pinks and a handful of sparkly gold icicles. Then a dozen pink vintage glass balls (all too high for baby hands to reach). Finally, the ornaments I made this year and my wedding band teaset.


I think the tree looks SPECTACULAR! I haven’t been so happy with a tree in years.


Most of the decorating was done during Mimi’s long nap. She had seen undecorated trees in stores before, but never a decorated one. When she woke up I went to her room to take her out of her sleep sock and extract the pacifier, then carried her down the long hall, into the great room, and to the tree. She made a little giggle–an overwhelmed giggle–and stared. I pointed out the special ornaments to her and she giggled the same way a few more times. The “Ice Dance” from Edward Scissorhands was playing on the stereo. She laid her head on my shoulder and looked, and looked, and looked.


Best moment in parenting so far. Hands down.


4 thoughts on “The tree is up!

  1. Beautiful! How refreshing it is to have a day, or a project or event go so wonderfully and be so pleased about it….thank you for the smile!


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