Winter diorama ornaments

I am totally geeked about these. They are SO COOL. I first got the idea from this pin, and got the confidence to actually try making them from this pin. If I wasn’t able to make a round version work, I could always revert to pasteboard and plastic cups.


In the end, though, the round ornaments worked, and I am SO glad! These will be my favorite ornaments this year. Here’s a materials list:

Clamshell-style clear plastic baubles (near the plastic bubble bath bottles in my craft store, not with the other Christmas stuff)
White pasteboard for base of wonderland
White glitter for wonderland snow
White and red acrylic paint for mushrooms, wonderland interior
Wooden pegs to paint as mushrooms
Bottle-brush trees
Model reindeer
Hot glue gun
Mod podge or other paintable adhesive


And here’s what I did:

First, I painted the wooden pegs to look like mushrooms. When they were dry, I sawed them off to the desired lengths. I also painted white snow on the inside of my baubles. Lastly, while I had my paintbrushes out, I cut out circles for the bases of the wonderlands, brushed them with Mod Podge, and glittered them.

Then I let all that dry for a couple of days. When I came back to my craft room, I warmed up the hot glue gun and glued the mushrooms, trees and deer to the wonderland bases. Then I used hot glue to create a “shelf” on the inside of the baubles for the wonderland base to sit in. I positioned a base in one half of a bauble, added a couple more dots of hot glue to secure it, then closed the bauble with a little more hot glue in the seam to keep it shut. End of story!


Martha Stewart should be jealous. I don’t think there was anything this cool in her December issue this year.


I’m very proud of myself on this one. You should make some!


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