Photo block ornaments

Like just about everyone in the Pinterverse (or so it seems), I was inspired by this pin about making photo block ornaments. And so I did!


By happy coincidence, we had already bought our family Christmas gift: a networkable color laser printer. That made it easy to resize and crop a bunch of images and print them out for the ornaments.


Then, like the Pin tells you, I bought a bunch of 1.5″ wooden cubes at the craft store, had Sparks drill holes down the center of them, painted them, mod-podged the pictures on, and threaded ribbon through. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


What a neat project, and I’m pleased as punch with the results. These will be sweet and attractive on the tree, hooray.


Yes, I do still have that nine foot tree on my mind…


3 thoughts on “Photo block ornaments

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