Affordable art

We never have done much to decorate Low House. The flurry and exhaustion of renovating and moving quickly morphed into the exhaustion of pregnancy and the new flurry of a new baby. Some walls are painted interesting colors and there are window treatments, but there is precious little on the walls.


About a month ago on a Saturday morning, Sparks and Mimi hung out together at home while I did some stroller-free shopping (this happens on most Saturdays). I decided to go into Pier 1. I hadn’t been in that store in years. I guess that having gone from being 25 to being 31 has moved me smack into the middle of their target market, because OMG! That store is SO MUCH FUN!


It turns out that I need to restrict my access to Pier 1, in fact. There’s way too much good stuff. Right now, because there’s so little art in the house, it’s easy to find a “because”. First I bought the dichroic glass platter above to go on the mantel that Sparks built and installed for me. Then I bought the Joy Panel, pictured at the very top of this post. Isn’t it stunning? Let me tell you, there is nothing wrong with mass-market art if you select it carefully. This panel makes me think of Chihuly sculptures, with its organic seaforms and wild colors. The green and blue pick up the colors of our kitchen floor and dining carpet, and the shapes themselves are reminiscent of the Calypso light fixtures throughout the house. I LOVE my Joy Panel.


At TJ Maxx I found these two large, aqua-tinted pieces of mercury glass. They’re for the mantel too. I love mercury glass. I love aqua. I love that they were $10 apiece, hooray!

Three cheers for decorating and for affordable art. And Sparks hon, I will blog the mantel itself as soon as I can get a good picture of it. I’m having trouble finding the right light to photograph it. Love you!


2 thoughts on “Affordable art

  1. Oh man. I love mercury glass! But I avoid TJ Maxx like the plague, otherwise I would be seriously, SERIOUSLY poor. And my kitchen would be overflowing with gorgeous serving dishes.

    Pier One is hit or miss for me, but it certainly looks like you found some lovely stuff.

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