Eight months

Lil’ Tootse is eight months old today. Eight months! That’s really old. She’s a regular little girl now, not a baby at all (as I’m sure she’d tell you).


Mimi isn’t strictly “crawling” because she still drags her belly on the floor, but she does move and she moves pretty fast using both her elbows and knees. When let “free range” she’ll scattle across the great room in no time, going straight for books, LPs, and electrical cords. In general it seems she may be a future engineer, she’s so interested in cords and outlets and machines. Yesterday I took her to baby story time at the library and allowed her to crawl into the melee–she went straight for a covered outlet in the middle of the floor and intently picked at it. Not books nor bubbles nor puppets could budge her attention.


She is mostly feeding herself at this point. I never intended to do Baby-Led Weaning, but then, precious little has gone as I intended. She’ll happily eat the little baby sandwiches I make for her but really loves almost anything off of our plates. Last night she ate a substantial quantity of my red beans and rice at dinner.

She’s my vibrant, energetic, funny, enthusiastic, patient, oh-so-beautiful little tootsy. I wouldn’t trade her for a single thing in the world.


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