Seven months

Mimi is seven months old today! Where did that month go? Oh, I know, it went away in a flurry of milestones…


At seven months Mimi has decided that bottles and toys are for babies and she’s not a baby. She will let me feed her cereal, yogurt, fruit, vegetables, egg yolk, and commercially prepared meat baby food (gag). She will feed herself anything except Gerber puffs; things she has fed herself include brussels sprouts, cabbage, and chicken curry. She loves to drink from a cup and will clamor for sips of anything and everything she sees us drinking. She supports her own weight while standing and jumps up and down in her bouncer.

Suddenly she can roll over multiple times, army-crawl, get up on all fours and rock, sit without assistance, stay upright for the whole two hours between naps without resting, and say “mama”. Oh boy, hearing “mama” sure made all of this worth it.


I’m pretty sure she’s acquired every skill needed to succeed at college. Unfortunately we missed the admissions window this year. Guess we’re keeping her at home a while longer.

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