Mimi goes road trippin’

… wif her momz & dadz. We visited my parents last week, and that means a looooot of car time. Fortunately there was gorgeous fall color and lots of roadside attractions to keep things interesting in between the naps.


On the way up we had lunch at a railroad-themed restaurant. There were all kinds of old railroad artifacts outside, and model trains running on tracks around the ceiling inside. Want to mess with a six-and-a-half month old mind? Put trains on the ceiling.


We are big fans of interstate rest stops. So many have lovely little parks and wooded areas. At this time of year they’re especially beautiful.


Mr. Vintage Vinyl always has an eye out for diners, drive-ins and dives. There is one along the way that has 32 flavors of soft serve (and also regular Blue Moon dipped ice cream, shown here). We always pass it mid-afternoon on the way back, and stop for cones.


And the fall color…


Oh my, the fall color.

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