Summer’s end

The equinox is past. Summer is over. Sometimes the furnace runs overnight. I put on sweats in the morning. The stores are full of gorgeous, tempting cold weather vegetables. But there are still things waiting for us in the garden.


Here’s one of the last summery dinners for us this year. It’s Greek tabbouleh (bulgur wheat with feta cheese and oregano), and garden peppers and tomatoes ready to be broiled with lemon and oil and salt, and my own special kefta mixture ready to be made into balls and fried.

The key to really moist, delectable meatballs is to use bread crumbs in them, and also warm water. Then mix everything up and let it sit for about twenty minutes before you cook. The bread crumbs soak up the water, and everything stays moist.

Summer is gone, summer was fun, next year will be another one.


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