Happy ten year anniversary of You Know What.

Ten years ago I was in my fourth undergraduate year. I lived in a graduate dormitory. I had a 9:30 class, I think. I think it was the cellular biology lecture. I rolled out of bed a little before 9 and decided to treat myself to a breakfast sandwich in the cafeteria. I bought it and sat down in front of the big-screen TV, and saw the first tower burning.

Then I saw the second plane hit live. Then I went to class.

Sparks has been on a soapbox about how he prefers to think about all the positive things that happened that fall, because of and in spite of the attacks. I think he’s right. Terrorism’s aim is to change people for the worse, and remembering good things reminds us of how things have changed for the better. So in your prayers today, please include some thank-yous and some I’m-so-glads. Enjoy the good things you have. Do the all the fun things you can. Love on the people who let you. Make it a good day.

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