Socks for me


1. It is September 1
2. Today’s predicted high is 101
3. I want to move to Iceland right now. Or Portland. Or somewhere it is never, ever 101 degrees.


To keep myself from cracking, I am pretending the cold weather is imminent, and knitting socks. Sparks has waived his annual pair, this year, so all the sock knitting is for me-me-me.


And here is the first pair of the season, knit during Amelia’s naps. This is my bare-bones basic pattern. I knit it on two circs. I do a 14 wrap Turkish cast on, increase at each end of each needle till they both have 22 stitches, then at each end of each needle on every other row till I have 32 stitches on both. I do a short-row heel over 36 stitches, taking it down to 12 at the tip of the heel. I put about 1.5 inches of k2p2 ribbing on the cuff. That’s it.


Someday you, too, will knit socks Grasshopper.

This yarn is Patons Stretch Sock in “Plum”, purchased recently at Hobby Lobby.


Next pair: Trekking XXL color 76. This colorway makes me die a little inside, it’s so beautiful. I’ve had this one for years, though I think it’s still available. It’s so dark and plummy and luscious, and Trekking XXL is one of my favorite sock yarns. I am SO excited to see how these turn out.


While I was downloading pictures from my camera, this one unexpectedly came up. Sparks must have taken it while my parents were visiting recently… this is family togetherness, our style. A laptop for everybody!


4 thoughts on “Socks for me

  1. I LOVE your kitchen/dining room table! The boy loves Windsor chairs and I love enormous, rustic-looking, rectangular wooden tables.

    I am also pretending autumn is imminent. It’s getting cooler at night. And if I leave all the windows open and a fan on at night, in the morning, I can get chilly in my pjs and pretend it’s fall and do things like eat whole grain porridge with maple syrup and milk and knit.

  2. My dining furniture is Attic Heirlooms by Broyhill… supposedly the best-selling furniture line of all time. So I guess lots of people love it! I have one of two leaves in it… it can get ginooooormous.

  3. It hit 90 here in Franklin which is unusual. But at night we turn off the air. Summer is over here, I saw a dogwood berry turning already. I don’t miss Florida at all. But ask me again in, say, January. Franklin N.C. has tons of quilt shops, classes, crafts. I must get busy and join one. Still furnishing this house and redoing the floors.

  4. It is never 101 degrees here. It was 32 degrees celcius on Monday which is 90 degrees where you live. I think that was the hottest day all summer and it felt brutal. But by Wednesday it was 3 degrees celcius in the morning and has been cold since. Fall is definitely here.

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