Scandinavian smocks

Amelia has two new cutie-patootie smocks to wear over her winter leggings and bodysuits.


These are made from the Scandinavian Christmas fabrics by Lynette Anderson for Lecien. It is completely out of my usual taste in fabric, but something about it grabbed me. Those mushrooms! Those little embroidered snowflakes! Squeeee! Amelia needed dresses.


Unlike the summer dresses I made in the 0-3 month size, these 9-12 month dresses are open in the back. I will sew snaps to the bodices (yes I will) but the backs of the skirts will stay open, to reveal those cute rufflebutt leggings. This construction means the dress doesn’t have to be slipped over her head and shoulders, so they should be wearable for a much longer period of time than the summer dresses were. That, and her growth will slow down this winter. Isn’t it crazy how fast babies grow in their first six months? I mean, really.


Another neat thing about these dresses is that they are completely reversible. If she gets strained carrots on one side in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner, I can just turn the smock inside out, and ta da! All clean again! It also meant I got to play with four fabrics instead of just two. Love.


I think they’re pretty swell. I’m proud of myself.


5 thoughts on “Scandinavian smocks

  1. The dresses are so wonderful. I remember when my kids were little
    I would buy yards of fabric and sewed every outfit until they hit 3rd grade and wanted to go shopping. Those outfits lasted through 3 kids and got passed on to be cherished by 2 cousins to boot. The best thing in the world is what is made by hand but created by heart.

  2. These dresses are just lovely! ❤

    I wish I could make something like these for my kids in the future. ^^;

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