Some time when I was pregnant, I said to Sparks that when the baby was of a certain food-eating age, we should start having sit-down family dinners every night. Like, at the table with placemats and stuff, instead of eating while sitting in front of our computers or the television (which we’ve done ever since ever).

A couple of weeks ago, Sparks asked if it was that time. Amelia’s eating two solid meals a day, including supper. I could only agree that yep, it was probably time.


Neither of us are very good at it yet–at the clearing-off-the-table (which we also use as a double desk, so it’s often covered with paper and electronics) or of the relaxing-at-the-table, but we’ll improve with time. To encourage us, I bought a candle holder and made some everyday placemats out of my eighth-yard sampler of Anna Maria Horner’s Good Folks fabric.


You’ll forgive me, and maybe understand what I mean, when I say that I think of this as the “Heart of Darkness” fabric collection. Those face-like patterns are a little scary and a lot wonderful. I ADORE this fabric line (I bought it twice!) and am so glad to have thought of a project that brings it into everyday use in the house.


I quilted the placemats in an easy wandering-river pattern and bound them with black Kona cotton. I think they look great with the candle holder. It came from Meijer; it is listed online here. I like it because it begs to be decorated; it will look great surrounded by baby gourds and pumpkins in the fall, by glittery pinecones in the winter, and… well to be honest I’m a little stumped for spring and summer decorations. That’s why it’s got the stuffed strawberries and tomatoes around it now, which I feel is pretty lame, but I can’t think of anything better that would work with the seasons. Um… can you?


I’m a lucky girl who gets to sit down to dinner with these two every day. Hooray!

4 thoughts on “Placemats

  1. I love, love, love these place mats. They are perfect with the candle holder.

    How about fruit de jour to decorate the candle holder? Like right now, peaches or nectarines or plums. Ou, la la.

  2. Hmm, now that I’ve heard some interest, I’ll consider making a set or two to try to sell. Anything to shore up my fabric budget, you know! What do you think would be a fair price for a set of six?

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