Looking ahead

Mother Nature has been merciful and the heat has broken. We have a few days with lows in the upper 50s and highs in the low 80s. It is beautiful and Amelia and I are taking walks again. And I am so, so looking forward to cooler weather. I have myself all stocked up with baby-proof togs that make me feel happy. Since everything has to be machine washable-dryable and free of embellishments, this is a very muted collection of stuff.


Wool socks. Because most of my machine-knit winter socks fell apart last winter, and I don’t know how much time I’ll have to be hand-washing the hand-knit ones (actually, I machine wash them on gentle, but then I hang them to dry–and the process of getting out the drying rack and hanging them all up does take some time). These are b.ella Snowflake Socks from Sierra Trading Post. Hold out for a discount… they’re easy to come by there.


Given the amount of slobber, spit-up, and peach puree that lands on me on a daily and completely unpredictable basis, my wool sweaters just aren’t an option this winter (again). So zip-front sweatshirts are my thing. I’m all about charcoal gray and deep berry colors, and heathered anything always makes my heart sing. These are super soft inside, too. Eddie Bauer sweatshirts, on a Sam’s Club closeout!


My weight loss is progressing at a snail’s pace but I’m getting smaller all the same. A couple of weeks ago I finally fit comfortably into an acceptable jeans size, so I spent my birthday money on enough pairs (four) to get me through a whole week without doing laundry. Old Navy had ’em on sale for less than half the normal price, hooray. I like dark, textured rinses. Here (not necessarily in order) are Dark Night, Rinse B, and Chrissie.


I’m also small enough to wear most of my old shirts again, so I rummaged through my storage bins and assembled a “shades of gray” collection. Almost no other article of clothing makes me feel as happy as a heathered gray t-shirt. I think this is one of those things that women understand but men hate…? Anyway, it’s the truth.

I also have my old chocolate-brown leather purse and some previously unworn chocolate leather boots to enjoy this winter. I’d better get all my jollies from those, because Amelia is grabby these days, so pretty much all jewelry is out of the question.

And now, for fall and winter. Though if the summer continues to be this nice, I suppose I’ll allow it to stay.


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