House plans: The Victorian

Here is the other house I’ve been tweaking in the last couple of weeks. When I was in college there was a large book of architectural drawings by James Paine that included several late 18th/early 19th century town houses. They were the real deal with the main floor a few steps above the ground, and the kitchens, sculleries and offices a few steps below ground.

I guess this is an American Victorian town house, or a renovated town house, or something. Maybe the basement got to be a liability. In any case, this one has the kitchen on the main floor.


There could theoretically be a stairway down to the basement, with its entrance inside that utility closet. It could even mean that that utility closet used to be a room for staging of dinner service. Isn’t that a nice idea?


And since the house must have an attic, and old houses usually have a real staircase up to their attics, there must also be a staircase up to the attic on the other side of the landing here on the second floor. I had originally made that space a closet for the smaller bedroom (and that would be a lot of fun for a child–a big walk in closet secret room with an oval window. Yay!) then realized that, yeah, there must be a door to the attic stairs there.



2 thoughts on “House plans: The Victorian

  1. What, no butler’s pantry? Lol. Those are always my favorite parts of Victorian houses. They seem like the perfect place to make bread!

  2. Yeah, I know. I was going to blather about how the utility closet might have originally been a “staging” room for serving, before the days of HVAC and water heaters. It would make sense to have a door to the cellar there, for wine or whatever. American houses are so weird; I was in one once that had three small rooms off the living room. Each was about 5’x9′. One was the “nursery”, one was the “music room”, and one was the “library”. Whatever.

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