House plans: The Greenhouse

Waybackwhen in the tough old days, when I had a 100-square-foot dorm room to call my own and had to cook with a microwave and wash dishes into a drain on the tile floor of the utility room, I bought myself some 3D home design software and started designing houses and apartments. It filled a void.

Now that I have a house and garden of my own, I enjoy furnishing imaginary studio apartments from IKEA’s website… but that’s a different blog entry.

I recently loaded up some 3D design software and have been slinging houses while Amelia naps. I love houses, I love figuring them out, I love imagining how they’d be lived in and where things would be kept in them. I buy house plan magazines for fun. I peruse plans on websites. If I read your blog regularly and it’s a domestic-ish one, I’ve probably entertained myself by trying to figure out how your house is laid out. Which, I promise, is totally not creepy.

Floor 1

This is a house I call The Greenhouse. I have recurring dreams about large greenhouses attached to large houses, and while this house isn’t large, I do imagine that it’s a gem of a house just like my dreams, full of things I love, with enough space but not too much. It’s got a lot of dark wood, a lot of burlwood and tiger maple furniture, lots of glass and paperweights and Haeckel prints, terrariums and nature specimens and books. The garden is full of pink and white flowers (my Oregon fantasy flowers, in fact), and protected from deer so I can grow roses and hydrangeas and any old thing my heart desires. This house’s layout was inspired by one of my favorite blogs, Posie Gets Cozy. What I imagine going inside it is much different, though, and I’ve started a Pinterest board to describe the aesthetic and mindset. Enjoy!

Floor 2


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