Do-it-yourself gold edging

A recent issue of Martha Stewart Living suggested that you dress up plain stationery by running its edges along a stamp pad. So I did.


I used gold, and it is ooooooh pretty. In my dreams, I have a small business making artisanal stationery. I have a vintage letterpress and lots of great Art Nouveau plates for it. I print on thick squishy paper to make nice deep imprints. I cut envelope linings out of Florentine paper, and paper that I have marbled myself.

Years ago, I had a dream about owning a store full of all the objects I adore most. Part of the store was a “writing box bar”, where you could pick out a lovely lap desk or box, and fill it with beautiful stationery, pens, ink, sealing wax, stamps, address book, all of those things. In the dream, everyone wanted one and they were great graduation and wedding presents. Was it a silly dream?


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