The garden inundation

Having announced that I’m out of luck blogging-wise, I immediately find myself back in luck. Hooray!


I’ve been spending some of my non-blogging time trying to keep up with the inundation of produce we’re getting out of our garden. The chard is ready for a third cutting (!!!), and we’re pulling zucchini, cucumbers, cayenne peppers, jalapenos, red okra, eggplant and Juliet tomatoes out of the garden every other day.


The zinnias are producing buckets of blooms, also. I’m so pleased, as the deer ate them down badly at the beginning of the season. They’re doing fine now, though. I planted a white variety, Queen Lime, and Queen Red Lime. The Queen Red Lime is interesting because only about half of its blooms are the pink-and-green kind shown here. The other half are red and orange. I’ve been putting those in a different bouquet.

The love-in-a-mist was lovely while it lasted, but didn’t bloom for long. It is now a mass of feathery foliage and weird, huge seed pods. I sort of like it, and am saving seeds to put in the patio bed next year.

The snapdragons haven’t been very impressive. Very few blooms there, and not tall like I had hoped. Oh well.


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