Intertoobz, still

If I recited to you the huge list of internet, computer and software problems I’ve had over the last almost-two-weeks, you wouldn’t believe it. I just recited it to Amelia, look:


She doesn’t believe it.

Anyway, I’ve been spending this down time (especially since Amelia got over her four month sleep regression, boy howdy is it good to get sleep in chunks bigger than 90 minutes) dreaming about the Pacific Northwest, where it never gets too too hot and never gets too too cold, where there are a lot of the rainy days and mists that I find so spirituelle. Completely unlike here, where it’s been about 90 almost every day since early June and even the coneflowers are suffering.

It’s also home base for my favorite blog, Posie Gets Cozy by Alicia Paulson. Why does this blog appeal to me so much? Let me ponder.

1. It is beautiful. The blog and Alicia’s house and projects and neighborhood and, oh, all of Portland have a unified aesthetic. Pink and white and mustard yellow glow against mossy greens and stormy grays.

2. There is great photography as well as great writing. She has good content on both sides of the camera.

3. She isn’t bossy. She isn’t always writing how-tos. I feel like she’s just showing me things she’s done because they make her happy.

4. She isn’t overly commercial. She does sell kits from time to time, but she doesn’t accept advertising, promotions or giveaways.

5. She doesn’t intimidate me as a small-time blogger. Even though her blog is one of the big ones, she isn’t always jetting off to blogging conferences and workshops, posting long posts full of pictures of all the fun she’s had with the other cool kids of the blogging world.

6. She’s published books and been featured in magazines, but she hasn’t abandoned her blog for bigger, better, more lucrative things. So many great blogs have gone *poof* when their writers get “discovered”. It makes me sad when that happens.

7. She’s a naturally steady person. There’s no drama.

Okay, I’m going to go read about terrariums, now. If I can’t have a wet mossy stone path for real, maybe I can build one in a fishbowl. My little Oregon microcosm, hooray.


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