Afghan for Amelia

I finally finished a little crib-sized afghan for Amelia:


This is the “Lacy Chevron” afghan from Leisure Arts’ pamphlet 335, “Afghan Parade”. This pattern is listed on Ravelry and has been re-printed in a magazine recently, so if you want a copy of it, you should be able to find one without much trouble.


I used mostly Red Heart yarn, but the pale green is I Love This Yarn, and I really do! It feels and behaves exactly like Red Heart, and comes in some different colors, hooray.

This pattern uses only double crochet and chains, but the set up rows are very fiddly and the rhythm of the main part doesn’t flow very nicely. For this reason, I can’t say this is a good “process” afghan, if you want pleasant zone-out crochet, nor is the pattern interesting enough to make you feel happy about paying attention to what you’re doing. As a “product” afghan, though, it’s pretty kickin’. LOVE those lightning chevrons!

7 thoughts on “Afghan for Amelia

  1. Wow! I have one of the vintage books with that afghan in it that I nabbed from my grandmother. The finished project is lovely with those fresh colors!

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