Vegetable garden 2011

And it’s the second year for our vegetable garden at Low House, too. This year we got smart and used an electric fence and Sevin right from the beginning. Sorry for not being all organic and stuff. We’d rather get something to eat out of our garden (sigh).

The herb garden seems to have fizzled, this year. The thyme and oregano and mint have gone bonkers, but the annuals, for whatever reason, didn’t do so hot. Even our basil was a failure. Oh well, better luck next year, and we still have plenty of pesto in the freezer from last summer.

The fenced-in veg garden though is going BONKERS. It’s fantastic!

Rainbow chard, ready for a second cutting

Lettuce mix. Some of it bolted and flowered… it’s so weird and wonderful, we’ve left it.

Zucchini ahoy!

Cucumbers ahoy!

Cayenne peppers, hot hot hot

Fairytale eggplant, so prolific and delicious

Tomatoes are going bonkers, and we have about twenty plants. We’re going to be in serious trouble when these start ripening.

We’re growing ground cherries, a la Little House On The Prairie. They’re just different colors of tomatillos.

Last year’s Clemson Spineless okra got tough very quickly, so we’re trying a different red variety this year.


2 thoughts on “Vegetable garden 2011

  1. Next year I think we may have to invest in an electric fence as well. The boy swears it’s the only way to go. Especially since we are surrounded on three sides by woods and have a serious deer, woodchuck, and turkey problem.

    How do you guys do your electric fence? Right to the edge of the garden or set back a ways or what? Do you have a gate or do you turn it off when you go in?

  2. We have a narrow walking corridor along two sides of the garden, otherwise the fence is right up to its borders. It has a gate that turns the fence off when you open it, yeah. There are rigid corner poles, slimmer fiberglass poles in between, and a solar-powered battery unit. When we first set it up, we strung aluminum pie pans on the wire and put peanut butter on them. That got the deer curious enough to get shocked a few times, and now they avoid that whole end of the yard.

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