Happy birthday to me

Today is the tenth anniversary of my 21st birthday.

21I copy

My first Mudslide. Which was my last Mudslide. I also had my first and last Long Island Iced Tea that night.

21O copy

I thought they were pretty great. I was lucky enough to have a great group of friends who took me out and shepherded me around that night.

21C copy

I don’t think there will be any shepherding around tonight. We have gin and tonics at home, and burgers with zucchini salad and sweet potato fries. We are more than set!


6 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me

  1. Oh my gosh you won’t believe it, but I was at an Applebees on my 21st birthday (only 4 years ago). I was stuck somewhere for a racquetball tournament and there was a blizzard but I just HAD TO get a drink with my teammates and Applebees was the only place open. I don’t remember what I drank… probably a margarita!

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