Quilts for you

On the days when Amelia takes solid naps, I try to spend that time crafting. A while ago I decided that there was no point in making more bed-size quilts. They’re expensive, they’re hard to get quilted, and we have more than we can use already. So when something takes my fancy, I’m making a lap quilt or a baby quilt, now.


I made this as a study in the Flying Geese block, which I hadn’t ever made before. I used a technique where you sew squares over each end of a rectangle, on the diagonal, then flip them back. This made it as idiot-proof as possible (though if you look closely you’ll see the geese are flying backward in one of the blocks. Oops.)


I used half a jelly roll of Urban Indigo by my first-love quilt fabric designer, Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree Quilts.


Exactly like the baby quilts I made for Amelia, the top is quilted directly onto cotton flannel with no batting. It is machine-bound with white-on-white from my stash. It measures 32″ x 32″.


And since we’re full-up on baby and lap quilts here, this one has gone to my Etsy shop.


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