Summer food

I love fall and I like winter until New Year’s, and spring is always such a blessed relief after three unnecessary months of winter… summer’s heat bothers me, but I LOVE the food. I love this sweet spot in early July, when flowers are blooming and lightning bugs are flashing, when the garden sprouts baby vegetables and everyone is in a mood to cook out.


Here’s one nice summer dinner we had recently. The shrimp are marinated in our homemade pesto, then sauteed. The bean salad is made with chickpeas, black beans, green onions, and our own mint and parsley, dressed with olive oil and red wine vinegar. The lettuce is from our garden, and dressed with Hidden Valley Ranch… the kind you make with a packet of powder. It is SO good when you make it just a little thinner than the directions say, so it thinly coats each leaf.


Here’s another. The chicken is marinated in yogurt, garlic, lemon juice and salt. Then it and the vegetables are broiled till they sprout black spots. I made “Greek tabbouleh” to go with it–bulgur wheat with our fresh oregano and feta cheese.


And here’s a much less virtuous dinner. Because sometimes you need a burger and fries. Here we have a Stewie burger with perfect oven fries–seriously, they’re perfect, try them!–and more garden lettuce.


And then there’s rhubarb crisp. We love our rhubarb. We were handed four mature plants with nice, tart stems, and they are very happy in our back yard, beside the burn pile. Yum, rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb. Why am I having such a hard time losing baby weight? Rhubarb!

So tell me about your favorite summer food. What makes you want to cook out?


5 thoughts on “Summer food

  1. Peach basil salad (perfectly ripe yellow and white peaches tossed with chiffonaded basil – you can add feta or pearl mozzarella if you like). Clafoutis. Rhubarb lassi. French carrot salad. Cold rice pudding with berries. Italian sausage with onions and peppers. Creamy potato salad with onion and dill. Plain fresh cherries. Israeli chicken souvlaki (gotta go to the Israeli falafel house for that one). Rhubarb cake. Stewart’s ice cream. Homemade pizza (if it’s not too hot to turn the oven on). Burgers with all the fixin’s and good potato chips. Homemade chicken salad sandwiches.

    Alas, we do not have a grill or a great many other things would be added.

    This is a great post, by the way.

  2. Mmmmmmm food.

    We end up just pan-frying a lot of stuff that would be grilled; one of the hazards of being charcoal grillers is that you’ve gotta have 45 minutes of foresight.

  3. Oh my gosh I want to eat it all, NOW. It is 4:45-ish here and I am already ready for dinner, lol.

    Our favorite summer food has been this thing called Texas Caviar. Sounds gross, right? It is essentially a bean and veggie salsa (no tomatoes) that gets marinated in a olive oil, vinegar, sugar solution for like 2 days. We usually eat it with Hint of Lime tostitos.

    We also have a molcajete (mexican mortar and pestle) and make LOTS of guac.

    We had a smoked blueberry crisp on the grill last week and it was amazing. We used cherry wood chips and it was fantastic!

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