Baby armor

There are signs that Amelia is ready to start tasting “solid” food (though seriously, if you follow the “baby’s first cereal” instructions on the baby cereal box, it’s no thicker than formula). That means that the little terrycloth jobbies we’ve been putting on her to catch the spit bubbles aren’t enough, anymore. She needs more.


Enter the Fabulous Fifties bib by Nicole Mallalieu Design. It has serious coverage, and is lined with terrycloth (thicker terrycloth than her newborn bibs, ‘cuz I made it so). If this bib doesn’t catch the mess, nothing will.


See? Lined with terrycloth and firmly stitched with zig-zags. I’ve only just figured out how to make my machine sew in zig-zags, and I think it’s pretty fab.


My only change to the pattern is that I’ve quilted the main fabric and terrycloth together because not doing so made me smell trouble ahead.


The bib has a fetching three-dimensional design that I love. Makes it fit the baby better. Makes it catch more food, I hope.


I am using Picnic Parade cottons by Jenean Morrison for these bibs, and Kona cotton for the bias binding. The terrycloth was stashed, too, from back when I thought I was going to sew changing pads for Amelia. That was back before I knew that those laminated designer cottons aren’t washable. Like, you can wipe them off and that’s all. Are you kidding me? So the changing pads weren’t made, and now the terrycloth is here. That makes these bibs all stash! Yay!


6 thoughts on “Baby armor

  1. These are gorgeous! I have a similar pattern bookmarked somewhere but most of my fabric stash is a little too pink and flowery for the little man!

    I’m stunned that Amelia is weaning already — I thought she was only a few weeks older than my little one. They grow so fast!

    What’s FP?

  2. (That last comment is from poppy – fantasy landscape – sorry, I can never work out how to post comments with the right profile :-/ )

  3. She’s a few days short of four months old, but I figured that just as a sensory/coordination exercise it was worthwhile to try some cereal on her. Precious little is getting IN her, understand 😉 . Also she’s beginning to wake more at night, which makes me think that very soon she’ll need more calories than her little belly can hold in milk. So… practice. FP is Freshly Pressed, there was a link to my on the front page of WordPress all weekend!

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