Queen Red Lime

I’m getting the first blooms from my from-seed cutting garden: the Queen Red Lime zinnias are blooming!


Aren’t they… sort of weird and wonderful?

I also planted Queen Lime zinnias and plain white ones, but deer bit off the buds. We’ll see if they send out new shoots.

The Nigella is budding, too. The snapdragons are getting tall–hooray for real, giant snapdragons! I’m so looking forward to seeing them flower. The poppies, unfortunately, never germinated. I don’t know if I planted them wrong or if they blew away or what. Sadness. I love poppies so much, but I have almost no luck growing them.

I’ve decided that in the future that space will be for peonies and hollyhocks. This bed is in an L-bend in the house with a concrete patio and the vegetable garden’s electric fence nearby, so my idea was that the deer would be minimally invasive there. Hmmmm. Well, they seem to leave peonies alone, because many neighbors grow them… and with peonies in front maybe the deer won’t bother hollyhocks in back. Here’s hoping?


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