Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to the #1 dad around here, Sparks.


Sparks and Amelia are garage buddies. They sit in his workshop in our garage and listen to classic LPs, sort vacuum tubes, and solder stuff. Well okay, only Sparks solders stuff.


Amelia looks like her daddy more than like anyone else. They both have divots above their chins and a permanently easygoing expression on their foreheads. It’s looking like Amelia has inherited her daddy’s green eyes, and she definitely inherited his toenail shape. I hope that, some day a long long time from now, it will turn out that she inherited his gray forelock too.


We just spent a week visiting my parents up north. Sparks valiantly protected Amelia from the giant mosquitos (pictured above). He put her to bed at night and got up early with her in the mornings so I could sleep myself out. He took care of her while my mom and I went on quilt shop expeditions. He changed more than half of the diapers.

Happy Father’s Day, honey. Amelia and I both think you’re doing a bang-up job.


Happy Father’s Day, too, to my own dad (did you find the card in that bag, dad?), who is very in love with my little girl, and showed her kaleidoscopes on his computer, took her on walks, and tuned to the TV to the Disney channel for her. Happy Father’s Day, dad!


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