Three months

Our tiniest tootse is three months old. How did that happen? Where is my newborn? And why is she getting so independent already?


At three months she coos, squeals, bellows, holds her head up, rolls over, sits forward, drools, and if she’s lucky–grasps objects she wants. She’s a scream and a joy and we love her more every single day.

She also sleeps ten hours at night without waking up for a feeding. Yay!

One thought on “Three months

  1. I just got caught up on a slew of entries and I have to say:

    a) She is freaking adorable.
    b) Her wardrobe and all her blankets are adorable.
    c) I’m really quite jealous about the amount she sleeps. I won’t even tell you what Fionnuala is putting me through these days.
    D) Hi.

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