Lemon ice cream

We began to have 90+ degree days here in mid-May. While not every day has been hot, an awful lot of them have. And right now, every one in the five-day forecast is. I fear for August.


So I have pulled out my trusty ice cream maker (can it be trusty if it hasn’t been used for five years?) and am making a pint of tasty ice cream every Friday evening. Even though I’m now a SAHM, Fridays still feel like a reason to celebrate a little. Maybe because Sparks takes midnight baby duty on Friday and Saturday nights (heh). Anyway, Fridays are for grilling something, for making ice cream, and maybe for having people over to share the food. Last Friday we had friends over, and we all ate hamburgers, tabbouleh, shaved zucchini salad, potato chips, and Nigella’s raspberry ripple ice cream. Which was very good.

This week, it was just the two (three) of us. We grilled strip steak and ate it with fresh garden lettuce and skillet-fried potatoes, then had Martha’s lemon ice cream for dessert. And, um, people. Lemon ice cream. Seriously. Please try it. It’s possibly the tastiest thing ever.

Today, I buy some time snaps to sew onto Amelia’s new dresses, so she can wear them. Today I plant the cucumber and zucchini seeds. Today there’s no pulled pork BBQ because plans evolve over the week, and it turns out we’ll be at somebody else’s cookout tonight and have BABYSITTERS!!! on Sunday night. Sushi, friends. Sunday will be sushi night. Yummmmmmmm.


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