Dresses for Amelia

In a misguided attempt to not accumulate more excessive stuff, I often choose not to do a crafting project because “I don’t need the product.” This has led to lots of yarn and fabric sitting around unused. Duh-rrrrr…


So I’ve started to make dresses for Amelia, even though she already has more clothes than she can ever wear. Baby dresses are aesthetic objects. They are small works of art. And they’re soooooo precious.


I traced a dress she already owns, for the basic shape, then thought up my own method of construction to avoid any exposed seams. So there are French seams here, and the top of the dress is lined, and…

Amelia just woke up from her nap and she isn’t happy. Taters, tots.


3 thoughts on “Dresses for Amelia

  1. Those are lovely little dresses! Good idea about tracing a dress she already owns. I do that with my granddaughter’s shorts and nightgowns. I measure from seam to seam and make my own pattern pieces. Printed patterns are always too big. Amelia is just the sweetest baby and hooray for her sleeping long nights.

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