Yum, foxglove. What’s not to love?


Maybe this blog should be “Foxglove” instead of “Snapdragons”. I sowed some snapdragon seeds this year, and they have sprouted. But growing flowers from seed is a very… very… slow… process. And somehow I managed to kill the poppy seeds, isn’t that supposed to be hard to do?

It’s a rainy day here, so I mopped the kitchen floor and scrubbed the bathrooms instead of taking a walk. I’ve gotten fond of working on the kitchen… I think it started with the homemade soft scrub. I’m a covert sink-nazi now. Any time I find my sink soiled, I scrub it. I’m paying more attention to the floor, too. I’m trying to sweep it every day and damp-mop off the spots when they happen. Today I did a real-for-sure mopping, with a rinse and everything. I aspire to take the trash out every single day.

Does anyone have advice for me about keeping the hard floors clean? I think my problem is that there’s just too much stuff that sits on the floor. Moving it out of the way every time the floors get dusty is a drag.

Aaaaaand Amelia’s awake… blog entry over!

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