Dinner plans, week of May 31

Since I’m such a Happy Housewife these days, I’m doing a pretty good job of planning and cooking dinner on most nights. I usually plan and shop on Monday, which I know isn’t generally a good idea (because stores get stuff in fresh right before the weekend) but it seems to me that most things have to be constantly re-stocked over the weekend, so on Monday, most things are likely to be pretty fresh. Going by this theory, the worst day to shop would be, maybe, Wednesday. Or Thursday morning.

Chilling on Memorial Day weekend. We had friends and good food. Now we’re hiding from the heat.

Anyway, here’s this week’s plan…

Last day of the holiday weekend; vague plans for Sparks to make pizza, though we may just eat leftovers. Of which there are a lot.

Tuesday–grocery shopping day
Chicken and green pepper stir fry

Pesto shrimp (marinate shrimp in our homemade pesto, then sautee)
Soba noodles (cold soba dressed with mirin, soy sauce, honey and furikake)
Salad (our garden lettuce is ready!)

Pork chops (just pan fried)

Steaks (hoping Sparks grills; he can use the charcoal to smoke the pork loin for Saturday)
Fried potatoes (German style, sliced thin and pan-fried with salt and pepper)

Pulled pork BBQ (we just use bottled bbq sauce)
Cornbread (old, old family recipe, NOT SWEETENED)
Cole slaw (shredded cabbage dressed with mayonnaise/milk/sugar/vinegar/dill/salt/pepper sauce)

Baked salmon with mayonnaise-mustard sauce
Salad with radishes, beets and dill


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