One month!

Stinkerbel is a month old today! I can hardly believe it!

And boy, is she getting cuter every day.


She’s adorable when she’s loving on mom.


She’s adorable when she’s loving on dad.


And she’s ridiculously cute when she’s sleeping on your chest. She’s starting to look so grown up. (And so scratched up. I don’t always keep up with her fingernails, oops.)


The back of her head is still newborn-tender, though. I can’t get over that whorl of hair and those little tailfeathers at the nape of her neck. Awwwww.


This week was my first week alone with her all day, every day. I think it was a raging success. I showered every day, I ate lunch every day, and we bought groceries, visited daddy at work, took three long walks, and baked cupcakes. It was a boxed mix with a can of frosting, but still. We did it and that’s what counts.


And I have spent time in my sewing room, actually sewing. I have my iPod dock there, and Lil’ Sauce and I listen to music (and she looks at all the fabric and yarn). Her dad has her trained to prefer the classics… you know, Beatles, Pink Floyd. So that’s what we listen to… though I sneak in some Royksopp.


3 thoughts on “One month!

  1. Been visiting quietly for awhile. HAD to let you know your baby girl is so beautiful! Enjoy every moment. My baby girl is now 27,with her own beautiful baby girl!

  2. She is sooo beautiful. No one tells you how your heart is going to crack wide open when you see her. That you will never be the same. If they did, you wouldn’t believe them. It can only be experienced, never explained. Now I am making myself cry.

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