Daffodil Girl

Our Daffodil Girl is four weeks old today. What do they say, the hours of lost sleep are long, but the weeks are short? Something like that.


Tinygirl seems so much bigger, four weeks on. I look back at her four-day-old photos and I’m shocked by how much she’s changed, already. Her limbs aren’t always drawn up like a frog now. She’s filling up her 0-3 month clothes nicely. She’s in size 1 diapers. One precious time, she slept for five and a half hours at a stretch.

And the gardens are coming alive. Last spring I ordered a lot of mixed daffodil bulbs to add to the pink ones I transplanted from the Little Gray House of Mine. By fall, I was pregnant and not up to planting them all, so Sparks helped. And now it’s spring again, and here they are. You’ve come to expect it, so here it is–my annual Photographs Of Daffodils post (cuz I’m sure not making any new quilts these days!)










4 thoughts on “Daffodil Girl

  1. How precious!!! I have a little boy that just turned 10 weeks on Tuesday-it is a treat when they sleep for more than 2 hours at a time isn’t it? Enjoy your little one, the time goes so fast.

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