Homemade soft scrub

This is the stuff, people. I mean it. You MUST try this.

(Thanks to Pinky Has A Brain for this recipe!)

Put some baking soda in a bowl, then stir in liquid dish soap until the mixture is the consistency of cake frosting. Now, using a sponge, a rag, a toothbrush, and/or a scrubby pad, proceed to quickly and joyfully clean all of the fixtures in your kitchen and bathrooms. I know I did.

Miracles this stuff performed for me yesterday:

* Removed soap scum and hard water buildup from my shower
* Removed dried gunk and toothpaste from my bathroom sink
* Removed black marks from my white kitchen sink
* Removed a purple dye stain from my white countertop
* Removed baked-on gunk from the inside of the microwave
* Removed burned-on gunk from the top of the stove
* Smelled divinely of “green apple” while I worked
* Softened my hands

I can’t say enough good about this miracle mixture. It smells good and is gentle and does everything I’ve asked it to do and LOOKS LIKE CAKE FROSTING, PEOPLE! I should put it in tiny jars and sell it on Etsy for $26. I tested it head-to-head against Comet powder, in the two sides of my kitchen sink, and it worked better than Comet. And smelled better and was nontoxic.

There are a couple of things you should know about it…

* While it will drastically cut down on the number of germs on a surface by removing the grease and grime they like to grow in, it doesn’t actually disinfect. If you need to get rid of cold germs, bring in something stronger. But for everyday cleaning, well… you eat off of dishes that have been cleaned with dish soap, so obviously you trust its efficacy, right?
* Use the correct tools to make sure it gets down into any little grooves and crevices you’re trying to clean, and make sure the tool you’re using stays a little moist. Some of the stovetop crud required a soak and subsequent scrubbing to come off.

But think about all the advantages of this stuff…

* It’s pretty and fun to use
* It smells of whatever dish soap you make it with, with no harsh chemical aftersmell
* It does its job with a minimum of elbow grease
* It’s cheap to make, and you probably have the ingredients on hand
* It’s non toxic (to the degree that dish soap is non toxic)
* It’s a gentler scrub than many powdered cleaners, but dang, it works
* Did I say that it looks like cake frosting?

Disclaimer: I am not nesting. I am not going into labor, ever. I will be pregnant forever. Don’t get excited.


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