Nursery, almost done

I’ve been holding out on photographing the nursery because I was waiting for some prints to arrive from Holland. They finally arrived… and then I discovered that I’m too big and sore and awkward to face a trip to Target to buy frames for them, so I ordered the frames. So I am waiting for the frames to show up. So the nursery still isn’t picture-perfect… alas. Well, I can’t contain myself, so I photographed the parts that look good. Translation: I avoided the wall the prints are going to go on, and also the Pack-n-Play temporarily parked in the middle of the room.


Nursing station. Curtains by Amy Butler, boppy cover by Tula Pink, the cut chenille blankets, the summer quilts, the Farmer’s Market burp cloths, and more.


A closer look at that. Also the Little Folks play mat, and some books… mostly my own.


Toys and bath things


The crib. I’m too freaked out about the SIDS risk to have a regular bumper, so that’s a breathable one. Because the crib is odd–it has a changing table attached to one end–the bumper went on oddly. I made the skirt out of Parisville fabric.


Prints by Etsy seller yumi yumi


Prints by Etsy seller LauraAmiss


The big diaper bag, the little diaper bag, two diapers & wipes pods, and Sparks’ manly Dad Bag


Party dresses


The 0-3 month layette, washed and ready to go


The 3-6 month layette, minus many miscellaneous pieces received as gifts. Sorry, I didn’t have it in me to dive into the Baby Clothes Bin and pick them all out… not till they need to be worn and washed. All of this matchy-matchy stuff was right on top.


4 thoughts on “Nursery, almost done

  1. I love the nursery!! It looks fantastic! I did notice that you have what looks like a Anna Maria Horner folksy flannels quilt on your bookshelf. Can I ask what materials you used to make it? I have one that the top is done completely in flannels and I wasn’t sure what I should use for backing and binding. Any suggestions? I would think that an all flannel quilt is too flopsy, am I wrong?

    Thank you šŸ™‚ What a fabulous job you’ve done with the nursery!

  2. The top is all folksy flannels, and I backed it with cheap white muslin and bound it with Kona cotton. The batting is polyester, which was kind of grotty to work with, but I had it on hand and it makes the quilt nice and puffy. Yes, it’s pretty floppy, but that’s how I like my quilts šŸ™‚

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