Just waiting

Kidney Bean is officially full-term now, so she is welcome to appear any time… sooner better than later, if you know what I mean. Being full term doesn’t mean much, unfortunately… there is a conceivable world in which I am pregnant for five more weeks. Conceivable to everyone else, anyway. I can’t imagine it and don’t want to. I am sore and stretched to my limits, and the stretch marks can only get worse.


She spends most of her time hanging out on the left, as this picture clearly shows. Is that freaky or is that freaky? That’s her little baby butt, creating the bulge. Yesterday afternoon when I took this picture, I felt farther around my left side and found one of her knees.


Pudding is getting downright clingy. She seems to spend most of the day trying to climb onto my (very sore) belly and crying for attention. When she isn’t doing that, she’s asleep in my hospital bag. I’m torn between washing all of those baby and mommy clothes again, or deciding that KB will get an early dose of kitty dander to give her immune system a workout.


2 thoughts on “Just waiting

  1. Best wishes to you and KB for an imminent, safe delivery. Do you have your freezer full of made ahead dinners? ; Of course you do. Love your hospital bag! And the darling furry contents.

  2. Oh my first baby did that one side belly thing until she got too big to do it anymore. She was a big girl. It just gets to be so fun. Especially when they can say mama and you know they are talking to you. Enjoy.

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