And it’s still winter

Punxsatawny Phil didn’t see his shadow this year, which means spring should be “right around the corner”, where “right around the corner” should be “time increments of less than six weeks”, based on the alternative outcome of February 2’s activities. Judging by the state of things outside and the weather forecast, that value is going to be five weeks and six days.


It’s been the snowiest winter of my life, with no more than two or three days of snow-free ground since December 1. I dreamed of this stuff when I was a kid; now as an adult I mostly wish for dry, clear roads upon which I can drive to Target every time the mood strikes me. Oh, and also for hips and a back that feel good enough to support wandering aimlessly around Target. But all that will come soon. Almost exactly at the same time, in fact. Sparks and I cannot wait for spring to come, for all possible reasons.


Even poor Pudding gets out of sorts with the windows closed for so long. She slips into a long winter slumber, sometimes in front of the fire, other times on top of a heating register, and less and less often on my less and less usable lap. Poor kitty, is her life ever going to change!

We had filet of Stewie for dinner last night, and I think it was the best steak I’ve ever had in my life. Whether that was because it came from a happy, free-range steer, because I’m eight months pregnant and craving beef, or because it was, well, filet, I’m not sure. But darn, it was buttery and tasty and yum. Later this week: meat lasagna made with Stewie-burger, and a roast of Stewie according to Sparks’ mother’s recipe.


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