The Stewie project

Yesterday was a big day because we finally sold my old house, making today the first day that Sparks and I officially own only one house. That calls for a celebration.

Forrrrrtunately… yesterday was also a big day because our half of a half of Stewie was delivered.


This is what a half of a half of a Brown Swiss steer looks like in your upright freezer. We still had the uppermost shelf for what remains of last year’s fruit harvest (and, very soon, for my nesting-induced pre-baby freezer casserole blitz). The dressed weight of our portion was 220 pounds; now I don’t know a whole lot about butchery but Sparks says that the actual weight of beef delivered is around 70% of the dressed weight, which brings us to around 150 pounds of beef. We have hamburger, steaks, roasts, and stewing cuts, as well as more exotic things like soup bones, heart, tongue, liver, sweetbreads, and oxtail here.

It’s going to be a big adventure in the coming year, cooking our way from snout to tail. Tonight’s starter, though, will be grilled filet. I mean, seriously. Wouldn’t you?

Oh, one more awesome thing from yesterday. All of those pretty postpartum tops I bought from Old Navy in a size larger than usual? Yesterday morning I decided to try one on, just to see how the shoulders fit and how much I’d have to take them in. I expected the shirts to get stuck at the top of my belly. But they didn’t. All of those pretty tops… they fit me now. At 34 weeks pregnant. PRAISE BE, I HAVE PRETTY CLOTHES TO WEAR!


4 thoughts on “The Stewie project

  1. Yes. A freezer is on our list to get as well. I’m torn between the cheaper, more energy efficient chest freezer, or a smaller, more expensive, energy hog upright. I’ll probably end up going with the upright, just because it can hold sheet pans so I can freeze fruit and cookie dough individually.


  2. I can’t remember if I said this around, Christmas, but–you can save a lot of operating costs on an upright freezer if you DON’T get auto-defrost. Our plan is to defrost this freezer once a year in the winter, when the contents will stay frozen on the back patio. We figured that being able to see more of what’s in there would translate to enough unwasted-food benefits to make up for whatever operating differential is left after that.

  3. The contents of that freezer are absolutely exciting, aren’t they? You’ll be eating well for the next year! I am very curious what you are planning to pack your freezer with during the casserole blitz. I have started experimenting with recipes and freezing them now (then reheating them), so I can set a roster of cooking for later. Chili reheats on the stove beautifully, so there is sure to be a few vats of that in mine.

    Also, hurrah for pretty clothes that fit now! Enjoy!

  4. Unfortunately I just used up the last pint of last summer’s salsa, which I use as a chili base, so I don’t know if I’ll do chili or not (Alton Brown’s salsa has dried chilis in… GREAT stuff). This week I’m doing a basic meat lasagna and chicken tetrazinni. I think chicken enchiladas with green sauce sounds good too… and some muffins or pound cakes. I’m sort of up in the air after that. And my one shelf of freezer space will probably be full… Let me know what you come up with.

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