More burp cloths, washcloths

I’ve finished using up the million-and-one yards of Farmer’s Market binding tape, hooray! Besides the seven large burp cloths I cut from diaper flannel, I bound four smaller ones and a seven washcloths. This baby will be well-mopped-up-after.



3 thoughts on “More burp cloths, washcloths

  1. Those are so pretty! Love the eye poppingly bright colors and your idea of edging washcloths. I have a bunch of bamboo double loop terry that is just screaming – washcloth me! 🙂

  2. Did you just sit down one day and make a boatload of binding tape? Just curious 🙂 Sometimes I think about pre-cutting a bunch of fabrics, battings, etc for various sized projects that I already know I am doing. But then I don’t.

  3. Yep, I did. I really like to do the same thing a whole bunch, rather than move from step to step over and over again. Binding tape is seriously satisfying.

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