L’il cupcake


1. They’re all chocolate and vanilla and strawberry, so I thought they’d look good in a cupcake pan.

2. They’re all mix and match. Like my own garanimals. The child will never clash. Not till she outgrows this lot, anyway.

3. I know I said I’d wait till the baby showers were over before I bought anything. I lied.

4. I’ve cried about how little they are.

5. I’ve cried about how fast she’ll outgrow them.

6. I’ve cried because they’re 0-3 month size, and other mothers are now telling me they’ll be too big, and I don’t have any newborn sized stuff, so my poor kidney bean’s gonna be nekkid in the cold because her mama’s INCOMPETENT.

7. Then I found out that diapers come in size 0. Now I feel REALLY incompetent. And unprepared.

8. I feel like Sparks is a paragon of wisdom for gently telling me that it’s still possible, two months before she’s due, to get these things in these sizes for her.

9. I considered putting them on the cat, but at ten pounds, the cat is too big for them.

10. The cat is sitting on the pile of clothes now. I wonder if it bodes ill for the future.


5 thoughts on “L’il cupcake

  1. Oh look how cute you are!
    Yes they will be too big. get a few “preemie” clothes
    Have a pack of “N” (newborn) diapers on hand. or just take them from the hospital like we did-the nurses told me to stash them!
    Remember you can still go to the store after she’s born.

  2. HA! Poor Pudding…

    And don’t you dare worry that they’re too big – she’ll grow into them fast enough! You’ll be glad to have bigger clothes stocked up because you probably won’t have time to buy them once she’s born. Or rather, you won’t want to go anywhere for a while once she’s born. πŸ™‚

  3. Who told you they will be too big. I never bought newborn stuff. A waste of money. They hardly ever wear them. Sounds like a lot of crying going on. Oh, she will stay little for four months at least. By then you’ll be ready for that tummy to grow and sleep all night.

  4. Cute picture, very cute array of colors. Don’t sweat the newborn clothes too much – they’re outgrown so quickly (or never fit). My little one never fit into newborn diapers, and the brands fit differently. If you’re going with disposable, I would get small packs of Newborn & 1 in a couple different brands. Then you can see what works and buy in bulk from there. Ditto with clothes.
    My favorite newborn things:
    -a friend or sibling who can come over occasionally and watch over Baby so you can sleep/shower/walk outside – and come back to Baby refreshed
    -the long gowns that cinch at the bottom: super for half-asleep diaper changing and you don’t have to fiddle with snaps vs. wiggling baby
    -2 slings (mama-sized, daddy-sized – makes a difference in infant’s head support and adult’s back/shoulder strain)
    -lanolin ointment/cream (for when the breastfeeding made mama bits crack and bleed – which is normal, the skin is adjusting – also creates good suction if using a breast pump;
    -battery-powered baby fingernail file (an alternative to the baby nail clippers, which can be tricky at first. baby claws grow superfast, so we used our file 3 times a week for 6-8 months);
    -camera! take pictures every week πŸ™‚

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