New year, new garden

The winter is upon us, friends. No more holidays, no more celebrations, no more rush of decorations and food and gifts, and no more built-in reasons to see family and friends. Just two, or two and a half, months of bone-chilling darkness and cold and dreary skies. Brrrrrrrr.


January has one consolation, and that is garden planning. The catalogues have already piled up here–we got three yesterday–and Sparks and I have a shared Google Doc to outline and update our hopes and aspirations.

Are artichokes, a risky proposition in our climate, worth the space they take up?

Do we feel like trying peas, parsnips, or turnips again? And by the way, have we dug the parsnips yet?

In face of the glory that is swiss chard, is kale worth it?

Why haven’t we ever seen a Savoy cabbage for sale? We’re totally growing some.

So when do we start the hotbox?

And what am I going to do with that delicious unclaimed bed behind the house…?

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