Three years of Pudding

Three years ago yesterday I saw a picture of Pudding on the shelter’s website, instantly knew that she was my cat, and drove to the shelter where I met her for the first time.

Three years ago today, I picked her up and took her home with me. She’s almost twice as old now as she was then, but she’s still a good, sweet kitty who behaves herself. Happy third anniversary, Pudding pops. We love you xoxo


Spycam pictures of the snugglepuss


2 thoughts on “Three years of Pudding

  1. We’re babying our 20 year old, Peek-A-Boo. She has what is probably a cancerous tumor that is rupturing. Not sure she’d survive the surgery and no guarantee that 3-6 months from now we’re not back here where we are now.

    We patched her up and brought her home to let Nature take her course. She’s not in pain and she’s had an antibiotic shot to prevent secondary infection.

    Enjoy Pudding to the fullest. Thank you for adopting from the shelter. All our kitties and doggies were rescue animals. They need love too!

    Happy New Year!

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