Christmas accomplished

My parents are making their way back up north, and we have no New Years plans (I am getting in bed around 9 every night, so staying up till midnight is out… but then again, I usually have my first wake-up around midnight, so who knows?) so I’d say that the holidays have officially been accomplished.


There were presents… so many presents.


There was the refurbished fireplace with its new gas log, and sofas and chairs, and yarn.


There were cards from friends and family flung far and wide.


There was a 4.5″ snowfall on Christmas Eve, which Sparks elected to shovel away on Christmas Day (I think he’s trying to work off all the Christmas cake).


There was a Moroccan-themed Christmas dinner, which was lovely but I do want turkey and stuffing next year.


The menu for that was:
Cold salads (bought) with warm flatbread (bought)
Nigella’s warm shredded lamb salad with mint and pomegranate
Saffron rice and roasted vegetables

At which point we decided to pause and do some cleanup before dessert… but by the time the cleanup was done, I had toddled off for a nap. When I woke up, we decided to just eat our baklava and fruit whenever we individually felt like it, which was lovely.

And that was our holiday! The last all-adults Christmas for a very, very, very long time. Little KB did get some presents this year, a beautiful set of Beatrix Potter books and a beautiful set of Pooh books. I can hardly wait for next year, though. Sources tell me the tissue paper will be her favorite present, but I’m backing the ribbons.

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