Christmas crackers

I made crackers for wedding favors. I figured that to make sure everyone got a couple of good snaps, I needed 120. My source of tubes and snaps, Old English Crackers, sells both by the hundred. So I had materials for about eighty crackers left over. My answer has been to make them to give as Christmas gifts.


The instructions are on the same website as the materials, and I strongly suggest that if you want to make crackers yourself, you really do follow all the instructions (including buying a pair of rollers and gluing paper stiffeners into the ends). Once you have your rhythm, they go together pretty fast and are a great way to use up old wrapping paper.

About the things to put inside… the tubes are 4″ long and have a 1.5″ diameter, so nothing bigger than that will work. Candy is a must; I use grocery store chocolates for “kiddie friendly” crackers and Lindor or Ferrero Roche balls for adults. Little novelties from Oriental Trading Post are great stuffers, but my experience is that buying an assortment of toys will backfire on you, because half of the toys that come in it will be too big. So pick and choose… or have stockings to stuff the leftovers into. Other more “adult” favors include small tools and travel-size toiletries and cosmetics, even single-serving bottles of booze, if you can find any that fit. The traditional tissue paper crowns are sold with the other cracker supplies. If you want to write seasonal jokes on slips of paper to put inside, there are plenty of lists on the internet. Happy cracking!


One thought on “Christmas crackers

  1. i was thinking of making crackers for new years next year. the ones you buy are generally just full of junk. glad to see yours turned out well!

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