Pausing to rest

Sparks doesn’t take pictures with my camera very often, but when he does, they’re good ones. About half are of Pudding doing cute things before I get up in the morning, and the other half are sunrises. Here’s a recent one:


I am stopping to rest for a few days. I tick over into the third trimester on Thursday, and I am feeling it. I’m starting to want naps, again, after six or eight weeks of not needing them… also I’m finding that any chore that involves repeatedly getting down and getting up again will wind me. I’m trying to enjoy the season and the experience; I curl up in the fireplace nook and work and cuddle Pudding and knit and read, and in the evening Sparks settles into his chair with his iPod Touch and drinks a beer, and we share the footstool, toasting our wool-sock-encased feet in front of the fire.

I have put up four trees. I have baked six batches of cookies. I have shopped and wrapped, and packed Christmas boxes for far-off relatives. Now for a few days I’m going to stay in my nook and take it easy, preparing myself for next weekend’s road trip to visit relatives, which will launch the real holiday silly season. Then I’ll have to scour the specialty grocery stores and make some unfamiliar recipes, clean up the house and host guests.

I had wanted to cook a seven-course Moroccan dinner, on Christmas, for Sparks and my parents and some family friends. Sparks talked me down from that. Turns out he’s a clever boy.


5 thoughts on “Pausing to rest

  1. Rest is good. But, don’t let it get you! When labor and delivery come around, the weeks before you’ve spent walking or exercising will really make the difference!

    Happy Christmas!

    ps Beautiful sunrise! Thank you!

  2. Yes Rest. Did you drop off of Facebook? Hope the final trimester goes smoothly for you. The middle trimester’s were the easiest. Love Sparks photographs. We lost our last kitty. No kitties in my house now, just Tiny. Sob… And Mr. Scrooge won’t let me get another kitty.

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