Patchwork scarves

As with so many crafting projects, I’m 3-5 years behind the rest of the blogosphere with these. That doesn’t diminish their cuteness, or their utility as a handmade gift.


I made these out of white fleece and Moda’s collection Maison de Noel, which is quite old. At least five years, I think. I made the guest room quilt out of it before I moved to this state, and I know that I bought the fabric a year after it was initially released.


It’s the best Christmas fabric ever, though. After making the guest bed quilt, I still have a huge pile of it left over, and I’m so glad. I think I’ll make a bunch of soft tree ornaments out of it… since starting next year we’re going to have a little hazard in the house, and all those vintage glass ornaments will need to go at the top of the tree.


I made these by sewing together 8.5″ x 4.5″ patches
Cutting 8.5″ wide strips of fleece
Sewing the two wrong side together down the long seams
Turning inside out
Turning the ends to the inside and sewing them shut
Stitching-in-the-ditch between patches
And finally, ironing them flat.


2 thoughts on “Patchwork scarves

  1. I just made my first patchwork scarf too! I made a chenille-backed one for my little girl. I agree; they are a super easy, fast gift!

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